How to make a simple button in flash CS5

By | February 4, 2016

Hello there, thank you for coming to my site. If you have feedback or would like to ask a question, please contact us anytime. So lets get to it.

The theme for this site is for newbies who want to quickly learn how to make flash buttons. I found that although the old school way of making these buttons was very tedious, you basically needed to know some coding to accomplish just a simple button. Flash has become a much more user friendly program these days and their numerous sites that you can download pre-made buttons now. With the this ability to get cool looking buttons on your programs and websites is very easy. My goal for this blog is to transfer the information I learned, and the tools I used to you so you can easily get these and move on with your project. Because we just do not have the time to waste on figuring out a simple button. So here we go,

Every button has three sections, or modes you could call them. Up, over, and down. Up is what your button looks like just sitting there. Over is the movement the button makes when you hover your mouse over the button. It may change colors, or fade into a different color. Down is what happens when the button is clicked.

Below is a video I used sometime back that I used initially just to create a simple button. I outlined the steps in text format as well.

  1. File —> New—> Action Script 3—> New Symbol
    1. Format your button (square, circle, rectangle, etc.)
    2. Choose your color
  2. Double Check your in the “up” category. (I’ll explain this below) Input the text in the space you created.
    1. Press F6
  3. You should now be in the “over” category. Change the color
    1. Press F6
  4.  You should now be in the “down” category. Delete the text and change the color.
  5. Next click on “scene 1” in the upper left.
  6. In the upper right click on “Library” and click and drag your button back to the center of the screen.
  7. Next it’s time to test your button, go to control—>test movie—> test.

That should be it, your button should be made. Click on the one below for a quick video tutorial on making flash buttons.






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