Online resources for flashbuttons

By | February 12, 2016

If your not really into adobe photoshop than your probably wondering what else you can do to make a flash button. Well your in luck, there are plethora of online resourses for making quick and easy buttons. These are all premade for you, with shapes and colors along with some basic effects. When I need a simple flash button, I have been known to use these services from time to time. The one I use the most is, the reason I love this one is that all you need to know how to do it cut and paste and your set. I have created some very basic buttons for some websites and they have seemed to work out great. CSS3 button generator is another one I like as well, and there are a few more bells and whistles.

The only problem you can run into with some online services for buttons is if the servers go down, so be careful which one you choose and learn where to put the CSS code and not have them host it. Using the afroementioned could possibly cause your button to not work and people will have problems using your site. I will post some instructions on where to put the CSS codes you get from some of these websites in a leter post. In meantime please referecne the previous post if your have CS6.

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