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By | February 18, 2016

So this post will stray away a little from the standard flash button making theme. I have come to the conclusion that many people who are building their own websites do not know how to create text that is linkable. So for instance, I have assigned this word, as a link to the about us page on this website. So essentially what happens is when you right click on the word, it will open up my about us page. Now this is such an easy task that pays huge dividends in creating a positive user experience for your website visitors.  How did I do this? Well Im about to tell you.

In almost every website builder, you will see a link like this, Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 2.43.39 PM  at the top of your text box. This tool allows you to hyperlink anything from text to pictures. So how do this is super simple. Highlight the text you want to be linked, click on the link button mentioned above and either plug in the url (website address) or choose the page you want it to point to.  I almost always click the box that opens the link into another window, so that way the user can close that window out and there right back to the source page they were on. You can see this in action with this website You’ll see that within the text there is a clickable link that points potential customers to the contact page. This is a very user friendly function for a business website that wants potential customers to contact them is they like what they read or want to purchase services.

Remember that adding links to other pages within your website is a way to create a more positive user experience for your visitors, not to mention potential customers.

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