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By | February 29, 2016

If your working on a website that sells something, you want to make sure that the potential client has a way that they can reach you. It’s really sales 101, but for some reason people do not do it. If they do do it than they make it hard for the end user, they’ll place a small button somewhere on the home page, it probably makes the site look more clean, but honestly it needs to be front and center. It needs to be right there so that if the person wants to they can stay on the same page, enter in the pertinent information and move on with their day.

Another thing I see too much of is the amount of information the site is requesting of them. Many people do not want o give you a ton of information, they may be worried about that information being sold to another enitity, or their identity being stolen. You should only ask for enough informtion you need to reach back to the customer. I have had owners tell me, “I like to get as much information from the client as possible, it makes my life so much easier”. Well let me clue you in on something, your customers should not have to do something to make YOUR life easier. You should be doing all you can to make their life easier. Looking at your website thru the lense of a customer is so important for a healthy business. Pretend that you are a customer and once site just wants a name, email, and phone number? Versus the other wants name, email, phone number, a few drop down lists of what your looking to buy (how do you know they want to buy?), and description of what your looking for? (because the drop downs didn’t capture enough). You see if it were me, I am just shopping around, I have not made a decision yet, I just want to chat with you and get pricing. See if your a legit business owner who talks to me like an adult in a nice way, who cares what I want, I just do not want to give you my life story before we have even spoke. So the moral of the story is? KISS, keep it simple stupid. Ask for enough to bait the customer for a good phone call from you. Once they are on the phone, shower them with kindness and be flexible, you will get the business.

Another area that is often missed is having call to actions on inner pages of your site. So if the potential customer visits the “about me” page, they will have the option to contact you from that page as well and not have to navigate back to the home page. Again it’s all about user friendleness, help the customer reach you. A great example of this is here , you’ll notice that even on the about me page there is a call to action. For that matter each page has one, so no matter where the customer is at they have the option to reach out. 

Creating these are super simple now days, if your in wordpress you can download a plugin, just search for contact form plugins and you’ll find a couple that super easy to use. Just find the quick text on your plugin dashboard and copy it into the text box down below and viola! You have one, now you’ll want to make sure the contact form is pointed to your email, which is super easy as well in the settings section of the plugin. If your in six/weebly its even easier. Just drag and drop the form where you want it and go to settings to enter in the pertinet information. Just google “contact forms for websites” and there is an abundnance of information. Or you can visit our contact page of this site and ask us. Depending on what program your using, we will probably have the answer. If not we’ll just google it and send you the article :)

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