How to add buttons to a wordpress post

By | February 12, 2016

Many people who work in wordpress do not understand the code that most techy web developers use to create these buttons. I am in this same boat. So I did a little research and found an awesome plugin that helps you build a button within your posts without having to use all that technical garbage. Remember this blog is for the lamen user, so that is what I am teaching you. If your looking for super technical fancy stuff than your best bet would have to be taking a college/online course on wordpress or web design.

Step 1. Go to your plugins section on the dashboard, and click new plugin. In the search bar enter in forget about short code buttons. Go ahead and download and activate.

Step 2. Open a new post and click on the button to the far right of your tool bar that has a three sided square with an arrow.

Step 3. Choose the size, color, and shape of your button and where you want it to point to. Click insert, and viola!!! You have a button on your post. Pretty frickin easy huh? Hope you enjoy!


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