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Contact forms

If your working on a website that sells something, you want to make sure that the potential client has a way that they can reach you. It’s really sales 101, but for some reason people do not do it. If they do do it than they make it hard for the end user, they’ll place a small button somewhere on the home page, it probably makes the site look more clean, but honestly it needs to be front and center. It needs to be right there so that if the person wants to they can stay on the same page, enter in the pertinent information and move on with their day.

Another thing I see too much of is the amount of information the site is requesting of them. Many people do not want o give you a ton of information, they may be worried about that information being sold to another enitity, or their identity being stolen. You should only ask for enough informtion you need to reach back to the customer. I have had owners tell me, “I like to get as much information from the client as possible, it makes my life so much easier”. Well let me clue you in on something, your customers should not have to do something to make YOUR life easier. You should be doing all you can to make their life easier. Looking at your website thru the lense of a customer is so important for a healthy business. Pretend that you are a customer and once site just wants a name, email, and phone number? Versus the other wants name, email, phone number, a few drop down lists of what your looking to buy (how do you know they want to buy?), and description of what your looking for? (because the drop downs didn’t capture enough). You see if it were me, I am just shopping around, I have not made a decision yet, I just want to chat with you and get pricing. See if your a legit business owner who talks to me like an adult in a nice way, who cares what I want, I just do not want to give you my life story before we have even spoke. So the moral of the story is? KISS, keep it simple stupid. Ask for enough to bait the customer for a good phone call from you. Once they are on the phone, shower them with kindness and be flexible, you will get the business.

Another area that is often missed is having call to actions on inner pages of your site. So if the potential customer visits the “about me” page, they will have the option to contact you from that page as well and not have to navigate back to the home page. Again it’s all about user friendleness, help the customer reach you. A great example of this is here , you’ll notice that even on the about me page there is a call to action. For that matter each page has one, so no matter where the customer is at they have the option to reach out.  Continue reading

Adding text as links

So this post will stray away a little from the standard flash button making theme. I have come to the conclusion that many people who are building their own websites do not know how to create text that is linkable. So for instance, I have assigned this word, as a link to the about us page on this website. So essentially what happens is when you right click on the word, it will open up my about us page. Now this is such an easy task that pays huge dividends in creating a positive user experience for your website visitors.  How did I do this? Well Im about to tell you.

In almost every website builder, you will see a link like this, Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 2.43.39 PM  at the top of your text box. This tool allows you to hyperlink anything from text to pictures. So how do this is super simple. Highlight the text you want to be linked, click on the link button mentioned above and either plug in the url (website address) or choose the page you want it to point to.  I almost always click the box that opens the link into another window, so that way the user can close that window out and there right back to the source page they were on. You can see this in action with this website You’ll see that within the text there is a clickable link that points potential customers to the contact page. This is a very user friendly function for a business website that wants potential customers to contact them is they like what they read or want to purchase services.

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How to add buttons to a wordpress post

Many people who work in wordpress do not understand the code that most techy web developers use to create these buttons. I am in this same boat. So I did a little research and found an awesome plugin that helps you build a button within your posts without having to use all that technical garbage. Remember this blog is for the lamen user, so that is what I am teaching you. If your looking for super technical fancy stuff than your best bet would have to be taking a college/online course on wordpress or web design.

Step 1. Go to your plugins section on the dashboard, and click new plugin. In the search bar enter in forget about short code buttons. Go ahead and download and activate.

Step 2. Open a new post and click on the button to the far right of your tool bar that has a three sided square with an arrow.

Step 3. Choose the size, color, and shape of your button and where you want it to point to. Click insert, and viola!!! You have a button on your post. Pretty frickin easy huh? Hope you enjoy!


Online resources for flashbuttons

If your not really into adobe photoshop than your probably wondering what else you can do to make a flash button. Well your in luck, there are plethora of online resourses for making quick and easy buttons. These are all premade for you, with shapes and colors along with some basic effects. When I need a simple flash button, I have been known to use these services from time to time. The one I use the most is, the reason I love this one is that all you need to know how to do it cut and paste and your set. I have created some very basic buttons for some websites and they have seemed to work out great. CSS3 button generator is another one I like as well, and there are a few more bells and whistles.

The only problem you can run into with some online services for buttons is if the servers go down, so be careful which one you choose and learn where to put the CSS code and not have them host it. Using the afroementioned could possibly cause your button to not work and people will have problems using your site. I will post some instructions on where to put the CSS codes you get from some of these websites in a leter post. In meantime please referecne the previous post if your have CS6.

How to make a simple button in flash CS5

Hello there, thank you for coming to my site. If you have feedback or would like to ask a question, please contact us anytime. So lets get to it.

The theme for this site is for newbies who want to quickly learn how to make flash buttons. I found that although the old school way of making these buttons was very tedious, you basically needed to know some coding to accomplish just a simple button. Flash has become a much more user friendly program these days and their numerous sites that you can download pre-made buttons now. With the this ability to get cool looking buttons on your programs and websites is very easy. My goal for this blog is to transfer the information I learned, and the tools I used to you so you can easily get these and move on with your project. Because we just do not have the time to waste on figuring out a simple button. So here we go,

Every button has three sections, or modes you could call them. Up, over, and down. Up is what your button looks like just sitting there. Over is the movement the button makes when you hover your mouse over the button. It may change colors, or fade into a different color. Down is what happens when the button is clicked.

Below is a video I used sometime back that I used initially just to create a simple button. I outlined the steps in text format as well.

  1. File —> New—> Action Script 3—> New Symbol
    1. Format your button (square, circle, rectangle, etc.)
    2. Choose your color
  2. Double Check your in the “up” category. (I’ll explain this below) Input the text in the space you created.
    1. Press F6
  3. You should now be in the “over” category. Change the color
    1. Press F6
  4.  You should now be in the “down” category. Delete the text and change the color.
  5. Next click on “scene 1” in the upper left.
  6. In the upper right click on “Library” and click and drag your button back to the center of the screen.
  7. Next it’s time to test your button, go to control—>test movie—> test.

That should be it, your button should be made. Click on the one below for a quick video tutorial on making flash buttons.







Thanks for coming by my site, we will be posting a lot of content on the making of flash buttons, so come back soon to see it.