About us

We are laymen web builders who want to share what we learn. Let us do all the heavy lifting and make all the mistakes while you sit back and speed thru your projects. We all work in different trades but do website work on the side. Whether it being building out pages for our friends, or blogging our favorite foodie/watering hole locals. Who needs a frickin college education when you have youtube right? Unfortunately you tube and google is riddled with crappy content and you have to basically mine it like your looking for gold. So what we do for you is we find the gold, and share a piece of it with you.

Its probably a no win situation for us as we make no money off this blog, but were perveyors of free crap, believe in an open web where everyone is all warm and cuddly. We share what we learn so that people like you do not have to work as hard. It’s a super glamorous life we lead but hey! It’s either this or go work in a soup kitchen, and me personally I’m not a big fan of the kitchen.

So I hope you enjoy our site, and please come back often for some awesome tutorials.