Contact forms

If your working on a website that sells something, you want to make sure that the potential client has a way that they can reach you. It’s really sales 101, but for some reason people do not do it. If they do do it than they make it hard for the end user, they’ll place… Read More »

Adding text as links

So this post will stray away a little from the standard flash button making theme. I have come to the conclusion that many people who are building their own websites do not know how to create text that is linkable. So for instance, I have assigned this word, as a link to the about us… Read More »

How to add buttons to a wordpress post

Many people who work in wordpress do not understand the code that most techy web developers use to create these buttons. I am in this same boat. So I did a little research and found an awesome plugin that helps you build a button within your posts without having to use all that technical garbage.… Read More »

Online resources for flashbuttons

If your not really into adobe photoshop than your probably wondering what else you can do to make a flash button. Well your in luck, there are plethora of online resourses for making quick and easy buttons. These are all premade for you, with shapes and colors along with some basic effects. When I need… Read More »

How to make a simple button in flash CS5

Hello there, thank you for coming to my site. If you have feedback or would like to ask a question, please contact us anytime. So lets get to it. The theme for this site is for newbies who want to quickly learn how to make flash buttons. I found that although the old school way of making… Read More »


Thanks for coming by my site, we will be posting a lot of content on the making of flash buttons, so come back soon to see it.